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Angel Gardens bathed in the golden hues of sunset, beautifully framed by lush foliage.

Meet the Photographer: Skills & Style

Hi there! I am Alan, 

A passionate and professional photographer specializing in interior design and  architecture photography based in Manchester, United Kingdom. I have contributed imagery to award-winning projects for prominent multi-disciplinary architecture and design firms.

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My Expertise

Interiors and architecture are my spheres of expertise. For over 15  years, I've worked for leading architectural design firms, allowing me to have a good handle on what the designer, architect, property professional or interior product dealer and manufacturer wishes to highlight in their photos and what will help them market themselves and, most importantly, what they intend on projecting to potential clients.

My Approach

Each shoot is unique. Because of this, I carefully listen to the needs of each client, observe, and treat each situation individually with an open mind. Additionally, there are so many people involved in a shoot; the client, suppliers, assistant, and models, and sometimes that’s like having three chefs in one kitchen. I strive to find a balance between all the visions and frame the perfect happy medium. We’re all striving towards the same goal, it’s a real team effort!

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