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About Me

What I do

Interior and Exterior Architecture Photography

I'm a photographer specializing in interior design and architecture, currently based in Manchester. Prior to this, I resided in Toronto for 18 years, during which time I produced a multitude of high-quality and visually compelling images for a diverse clientele, ranging from interior designers, architects, engineers, and custom home builders to furniture vendors, Airbnb hosts, hospitality establishments, and developers.

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My Key Strengths

Artistic Vision

In addition to being a thoughtful creative  obsessed with details, I possess a sharp artistic vision for capturing the visual appeal and ambiance of a building, interior spaces and associated products. This  goes beyond the  technical knowledge  of operating a camera and involves creativity and a deep appreciation for visual storytelling.

Collective Approach

Each shoot is unique. Because of this, I carefully listen to the needs of each client, observe, and treat each situation individually with an open mind. Additionally, there are so many people involved in a shoot; the client, vendors, assistant, and models, and sometimes that’s like having three chefs in one kitchen. I strive to find a balance between all the visions and frame the perfect happy medium. We’re all striving towards the same goal, it’s a real team effort!

Understanding Marketing for Architects and Designers

For over 15 years, I've worked for leading design and architecture firms in supportive and management roles. This experience has provided me with a solid understanding of what the designer or architect wishes to highlight in their photos and what will help them market themselves and, most importantly, what they intend on projecting to potential clients.

Understanding of Architecture

Because of my background and training in the field of design and architecture, I have an inherent understanding of the design elements, principles, and spatial relationships in buildings, both interior and exterior. This knowledge is beneficial when I am framing shots and highlighting key architectural and design features

Where I am Located

Manchester, United Kingdom.

I am located in Manchester, providing photography services throughout the UK.

Two Words to Describe Myself

Photograph Architect

I craft photographs by uniting  my creativity, technical expertise, and practical considerations all while fostering effective communication and collaboration.

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